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We love our Amateurs! L.A. Chapter adult amateurs had a strong showing at the South CDS Regional Adult Amateur Championship (RAAC), hosted by our Chapter and Cornerstone Event Management at Cool August Nights. Congratulations to our Champions and Reserve Champions: Kara Weinraub, Wendy Buckle, Khara Johnson, Kasey Cannon, and Line Korsgaard Andersen !

Kasey Cannon

Kasey Cannon

Kasey Cannon with Diesel CF is the 2017 CDS RAAC South Second Level Elite Champion with a 73.780%.

“It was fantastic to have such a great weekend while my aunt was here visiting from Sonoma. Janis is a superfan of Diesel (I call her everyday with a Diesel report!) and I am happy that we made her proud. Diesel makes my day everyday. He is truly the horse of a lifetime."

Line Andersen

Line Andersen

Line K Andersen with L.A. Pio is the 2017 CDS RAAC South Second Level Elite Reserve Champion with a 70.854%. “L.A. Pio and I had a blast, and enjoyed every minute of the show. The show management, the staff, and all the volunteers work extraordinary wonders to make the RAAC show such a fun and pleasurable show to be a part of. I feel so lucky to be in a group of such wonderful talented competitors, and beautiful horses. This RAAC show was extra special for me because I started L.A. Pio under saddle myself, and I am now showing him at second level. It was our second time competing at the RAAC show together, and we look forward to many more in the future.”

Wendy Buckle

Wendy Buckle with Black Velvet is the 2017 CDS RAAC South Intermediaire I Novice Champion.

Kara Weinraub

Kara Weinraub with Evita Champion is the 2017 CDS RAAC South First Level Novice Champion with a 73.382%

Kara Weinraub

Khara Johnson

Khara Johnson with Ferdinand Porsche is the 2017 CDS RAAC South First Level Elite Champion with a 71.776%.


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