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CDS AA Clinic w/ Volker Bromman

- Anita Sohus and Drake (Dragonheart 26)

Thank you L.A. Chapter for the opportunity to participate in the CDS southern region’s 2021 AA clinic with Volker Bromman! The weekend could not have gone better for us. Volker is a systematic, insightful, and encouraging teacher, and every pair showed improvement. “Drake” kept his focus (this was our first time away from home together, due to the pandemic, and he can get a little hot sometimes) and Volker used exercises to build our confidence, achieve relaxation, and maintain connection. Saturday’s session focussed on roundness, throughness, consistency, and better impulsion to create cadence and bending. On Sunday Volker pushed our envelope by schooling four-tempi changes on the quarterlines, half-steps in piaffe, using a few steps of passage to temper an occasional explosive tendency, and better engagement to achieve solid canter pirouettes. Drake’s half-passes were picture-perfect. The flow through the exercises was seamless. With all the riders, Volker was clear, low-key and encouraging, sprinkling his instructions with genuine compliments and with humor when things were not quite up to par. He offered suggestions to soften stiff wrists by imagining stirring a spoon, to access the horse’s back by imagining the ears disappearing below your line of sight, and quickening the activity of the hind legs to carry more. All riders took home better concepts and tools.

Thank you to the Hinneman family for hosting the event at their lovely facility in Murrietta, to Karen Nocket for organizing, Pomona Chapter for sponsoring the Friday night pizza, Samantha (karen knows her last name) for photography, Mary’s Tack for the buckets, and my trainer Peggy Klump for her unwavering support. It was a fun weekend to meet other riders and cheer for them. I was third in the draw to represent L.A. Chapter, but the first two riders were unable to attend. I hope all of you get the opportunity to participate sometime.


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