L.A. Chapter Year-end Awards 2020


1. You must be a current CDS LA Chapter member in good standing when the points are earned.


2. You earn points as a Horse and Rider combination. Points are not transferable.


3. To be eligible for LA Chapter awards, LA Chapter member/horse combinations must compete in at least one LA Chapter approved show during the current show year. Horse/Rider combinations may win a Champion/Reserve Champion award at any level only for in two consecutive years.


4. The qualifying period for LA Chapter Awards is November 2017 through October 2018.  CDS Championship shows will not count for LA Chapter awards.


5. A horse and rider combination at either High Percentage or High Point are eligible to win one championship at the highest level qualified.  (Example: if you are the high scoring rider at Training and First level, you would be awarded the First Level championship.) 


6. Awards are offered at Open (Training – FEI), Adult Amateur and Junior Level (Training – Int.) levels.  Adult Amateur must possess a USEF Amateur Card at the time the points/scores are earned.


7. All CDS approved shows in the current year will count toward your Year-End Awards for LA Chapter.  However, you MUST compete in at least ONE of the LA Chapter sponsored show listed below for your points to count. 

     1.  January 27 - LA Chapter Winter Show - LA Equestrian Center

     2.  May 12 – Paddock Riding Club - LA Chapter Spring Show

                3.  May 25 – 27 – Flintridge Riding Club

                4.  June 30 – July 1 – Star Spangled Dressage – LA Equestrian Center

                5.  July 7 – 8 –  LA Chapter Summer Show – LA Equestrian Center -

Double Point show

                6.  August 23 – 26 – Cool August Night -  LA Equestrian Center

                7.  October 27 – Paddock Riding Club


8.  High Percentage Awards:  Training – FEI Level - Champion and Reserve –  based on the average of a rider’s three highest scores at one level. Points must be earned in at least two different shows and two different judges.  In the event of a tie, each rider’s next highest score will be averaged in to decide the champion.  Separate High Percentage Ribbon will be award to Highest Scoring Freestyle at FEI for Open, Amateur, and Junior.  Highest Scoring USDF Freestyle, Open, Amateur, and Junior.


9. High Point Awards: High Point Champion and Reserve in Open Division – Training – Fourth Level must score at least a 63% and at FEI Level a 60%.  Training – Fourth Level for Amateur & Juniors a score of 62% and for FEI and 57%.  Freestyle Class scores will not count.  Points Award 1st – 6 points,  2nd – 4 points   3rd – 3 points   4th – 2 points,  5th – 1 point.   




  • Be on the lookout for an invite to the 2018 Awards event!

  • 2016 L.A. Chapter Awards Dinner was held at the Los Angelese Equestrian Center, December 10. Photos

  • 2015 L.A. Chapter Awards Brunch was held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, November 22. Photos


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