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CDS Jr/YR Championships - South

Cute photo alert! L.A. Chapter juniors and young riders had a strong showing at the South CDS Jr/YR Championship. Huge congratulations to Katelyn Mosle, Maggie Evans, Angelica Oliver-Mays , Bryce Adelle, and Brylee Flores!

Maggie Evans

Maggie Evans with Apollo was the First Level 17-U Yrs Reserve Champion with a 68.143% and the Second Level Reserve Champion with a 67.363%. Apollo is owned by Gold Creek Farms.

“I am so happy that I was able to ride Apollo at the CDS junior championships. He is so special and kind and I love him so much. It has been such an amazing experience to have been able to ride him. The championships were so fun and I had some of the best rides I have ever had on Apollo, but I think the part that was the most special to me was being so close to the barn in the motor home and being able to come out at night and just visit with him, which I am not able to do at most other shows. Another thing that I loved about the championships was that there were so many juniors there that I could talk to and meet which is something I don't get to do at home where I am the only junior in my barn. Overall, CDS juniors is unlike every other championship, and it is what I look forward to most for the end of the year.”

Brylee Flores

Brylee Flores with Avenir and her team –“The Dream Team”— (with Evan Pollack and Katherine Mathews) placed second in the Team Competition.

Katelyn Mosle

Katelyn Mosle with Kai was the Training Level 15-17 Yrs Champion with a 73.954%, winning the CDS Los Angeles Chapter’s Perpetual Trophy. Kai is owned by David Wightman.

Katelyn Mosle with Don Marco SPS was the FEI Yr 16-21 Yrs Champion with a 64.145%, winning the Guenter Seidel Perpetual Trophy. Don Marco is owned by Performance Sporthorses.

Katelyn Mosle with Diavolino 5 was the FEI JR 14-18 Yrs Champion with a 71.750%, winning the Diana Muavez Trophy, and the FEI Championship classes high score. Diavolino is owned by Jennifer Mosle. This combination also recently went to the national Markel/USEF Championships in Illinois. They came in 6th in the 2017 Junior Dressage division.

“This championship was an incredible opportunity because it not only allowed me to meet some incredible people, but it brought out the best in my horses. I was so excited to be able to meet all my goals, especially with the Kai, because you never know what to expect with a young horse. This was my first championship since moving to the West Coast, and I was so amazed at the enthusiasm that is shown towards the young riders. From the trainers to the show staff, everyone was incredibly supportive and proud to watch these kids show off!”

Angelica Oliver-Mays

Angelica Oliver-Mays with Tattletail was the Third Level Champion with a 66.218%, winning the Mary’s Tack and Feed Trophy.

“This championship was special to me because it was my first time winning champion. I had such a great team and awesome support, so it wasn't just me who won, the whole Sarah Lockman Dressage (SLD) team won.”

Bryce Quinto

Bryce Quinto with her pony Baby Doll was the Fourth Level Champion with a 65.979%, winning the H and H Tack and Feed Trophy.

With Thoroughbred Been Verified, she was the Third Level Reserve Champion with a 65.513%. Been Verified is owned by David James and Lorena Orloski.


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