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Chapter Summer Show

We stayed relatively cool at our Summer Dressage show thanks to the Dome and Nolan and Liam's ride-through lemonade stand. Many thanks to our organizers, judges, and volunteers!

High Point Amateur:

  • Lisa Wood and Zelando SPS, First 70%

Training - FEI Tests over 72%:

  • Kimberly McGrath and Farah Diba, Training Open

  • Carlee Holden and Jaxom CK, First Open

  • Anne Buchanan and Rossette B, FEI

  • Katelyn Mosle and Kai, Training and First JR/YR

Young Horse tests over 80%:

  • Alyssa Doverspike and Darius 55, 5YR

  • Carlos Santos and Inferno M, 4YR

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