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Chapter Member Survey Results

In March 2017, the board of the L.A. Chapter of the California Dressage Society (CDS) asked for input for future events. We received 52 surveys, and the responses will be used to further our programming. Thank you to everyone who took a couple of minutes to complete the survey!

Chapter Involvement

The first question was very broad: “What would you like to see LA Chapter CDS do for you?”

  • 15 comments specifically requested clinics

  • 5 comments requested improved communication

  • 2 comments about the Website: Keep it updated and feature monthly horse and rider

  • Select comments:

  • “Promote USDF certified Trainer and Instructors more to increase the educational levels of amateurs and spread awareness of the importance how to develop a dressage horse”

  • “More clinics and events with proper notice/advertisement, class fee vouchers in exchange for volunteering”

  • “More riding clinics for Am/Pros sponsored by La CDS. Currently private barns/stables hold the majority of clinics with guest trainers and only for their clients. Show up in the riding! Gust clinicians, open to all the chapter members would be great.”

  • “I always feel I am not up to date. I read the newsletters but I always feel left behind especially with the awards at the end of the year. Not sure why”

  • “i'd like to be more involved and would like to know what I can do for the chapter”

  • “Invites to chapter meetings - I have no idea when they take place or what happens at them.”


In recent years, the year-end chapter awards have been high-quality ribbons and silver trophy plates. We asked, “What year-end prizes would you be excited to win?”,

  • Top 3 choices:

  1. Clothing – 30 votes

  2. Halter Plate – 24 votes

  3. Plate – 20 votes

  • Select Comments:

  • “The plates are really lovely. We already get clothing from the annual show..”

  • “No coffee mugs!”

  • “All of these are fun! I guess it depends probably on what a person has not won. I honestly love displaying neck sashes my horse has won, jackets are fun, cherish a halter plate we've won, and glass / silver awards too.”

Annual Banquet

L.A. Chapter CDS holds an annual banquet awarding prizes. The last 2 annual banquets have been held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. We asked, “Do you have any suggestions for potential local venues for the banquet?”

  • 6 comments said LAEC was a recommend venue

  • Other venues mentioned: La Canada Country Club, Rocky Peak Vineyard, Castaways, Brookside Golf Course, Descanso Gardens

We asked, “Do you have any suggestions that would improve the banquet experience and increase attendance?”

  • 3 comments suggested having a professional/entertaining moderator

  • 2 comments suggested having a guest speaker; 1 comment specifically said no guest speaker

  • 2 comments said that didn’t know anyone

  • Date/Time comments: 2 comments said do not hold it in December. 2 comments said evenings are better; 1 comment said brunch was easier.

  • Other suggestions: Best groom award, horse owner recognition, swag bags, music (2 comments), good food, wine (2), better communication about the event, only announce winners in attendance in the ceremony

Educational Lecture Series

L.A. Chapter CDS plans to hold an educational lecture series for its members. We asked, “What lecture topics would you like to see on the schedule?”

  • Top 3 choices:

  1. Equine fitness – 33 votes

  2. (3-way tie) General riding/training, rider fitness, and sports psychology – 30 votes

  3. TD Panel/show rules – 19 votes

  • Additional suggestions in comments:

  • Showing: putting together a freestyle, judges’ thoughts (2 comments), drug rules, showing yearlings/foals, “winning secrets”, test reading

  • Equine care: massage, shoeing (2), nutrition, keeping horses sound

  • Training: biomechanics, riding fundamentals, warm up techniques (2), lunging, long-lining

  • Other: equine business

We asked, “What day/time would you be able to attend a lecture?”

  • Top 3 choices:

  1. Sunday afternoon – 35 votes

  2. Saturday afternoon or evening (non show) – 32 votes

  3. Saturday afternoon or evening (at a show) – 23 votes

We asked, “Do you have any request for lecturers?”

  • Named lecturers in comments: Alizee Froment, Susanne Von Dietze, Robert Dover, Lendon Grey, Debbie McDonald, Steffen Peters, Daniel Stewart, Dean Murray, Axel Steiner, Jan Ebeling, Hilda Gurney, Beth Baumert

We welcome any additional comments and feedback; please email You can also take the survey if you haven’t already: The results will be presented to the board.

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