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Chatsworth Day of the Horse Dressage Demo

Chatsworth is one of the few remaining equestrian communities within the City of Los Angeles limits. Every year, the Neighborhood Council's Equestrian Committee hosts the Day of the Horse. The event is held on the public stables, Stoney Point Ranch, and attracts families with free food from Kiwanis, vendors, and demonstrations, such as the Valley Vaulters and Mini Therapy Horses.

Dressage was demonstrated by LA Chapter member Karen Van Pelt. She rode Freddy, a French Arabian horse, owned by Kira Baca. Kira and Karen rode over from an adjacent ranch, The Total Equestrian Experience, to teach the public about dressage. As Karen put Freddy through his paces, Kira narrated the movements and explained dressage fundamentals.

Many thanks to Karen and Kira for providing this great exposure of our sport to the public!

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