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10 Moments You Missed at LA Winter Dressage CDI-W/Y/J/U-25

We are very lucky to live in Los Angeles and have California Dreaming Productions bring us 2 CDI's in 2016. This weekend's Los Angeles Dressage CDI-W/Y/J/U-25 at the Los Angeles Equestion Center did not disappoint the spectator. Didn't make it? Here are some experiences you missed:

  1. Sensing Robert Dover, linked in spirit to Steffen Peters, willing Rosamunde down centerline to a 78.827% in the Grand Prix Special

  1. Marveling at the horses that gravity forgot

  1. Sitting your felt-covered bottom in the plush chairs of the renovated Rein Café with a judge-at-M view of the arena (photo below links to video of Chemaine Hurtado's view of Steffen Peters and Legolas 92's freestyle from Rein Café)

  1. Beholding Friday’s award ceremony: Bright yellow sunset, gorgeous horses prancing around in white polos to the song, California Dreaming (…on such a winter’s day)

  1. Entering the newly renovated LAEC show office and saying “WOW” and being one of hundreds of other show attendees who entered the newly renovated LAEC show office and said “WOW”

  2. Enjoying (L.A. Chapter member) Adrienne Bessey’s Grand Prix freestyle on Hilda Gurney’s Wintersnow to the catchy songs of Les Misérables and having Master of the House stuck in your head the rest of the day

  1. Buying a 30th polo shirt at a vendor, secure in the knowledge that it's tax refund season

  2. Gloating on Saturday about being in California with its dry, temperate weather (i.e., not being in Florida)...

  1. ...Feeling embarrassed about the gloating you did on Saturday as you huddle in the Equidome during a storm on Sunday

  2. Having the juniors remind you how much you love horses

Don't miss California Dreaming Productions' Mid Winter CDI-W/Y/J/U-25CDI February 25-28 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.


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