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Clinician - Heidi Gaian



2018 CDS JR/YR Clinic

June 8 - 10

W Farms, Chino Hills



L.A. Chapter is sponsoring a rider. Check back for information on the 2018 drawing!


Representative Selection Process (2017, for reference)


Rider Requirements:

  • Must be a current member of L.A. Chapter

  • Under 22 years old

  • Must have access to a healthy horse and be able to walk, trot, and canter with ease

  • Should be able to arrive on Friday, March 31, for the evening “Meet and Greet” and participate in the clinic both days

Application Process:

  1. Fill out the application

  2. Write a paragraph on your riding background, your horse's information, including age, breed, and level being shown, and state your riding goals

  3. Mail or email application and paragraph


Riders were chosen by drawing. The winners and two alternates' names were chosen at the same time on March 17.


L.A. Chapter will pay for the lessons for one rider to attend the clinic. All other expenses, such as stalls, shavings, transportation, hotel, and food will be the responsibility of the rider.

2015 Recap


Read what L.A. Chapter member Bryce Quinto had to say a previous CDS Southern JR/YR Clinic in Members & News.

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